Susan Sellner: a gallery of oil paintings specializing in pet portraits.

Original Oil Paintings, especially pet portraits and publications inspired by my passions and my life on Amelia Island, Florida. 

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Pet Portraits



 This pet portrait is 8" x 8"  on 1.5" wide canvas that enables it to sit on a ledge or be hung on a wall galley style. The $400 price of the oil painting is donated to local rescue group  in Nassau County, Florida. Orders are completed within 3 months of orders. Please do not ask for shorter time periods as this will impact the quality of the finished piece.  The 8 X 8 portrait size is the favorite . I work from photo references as cats and dogs are not know to be great models.  I prefer to work from my own photos. However, if that is not possible because of distance or if it is a memorial piece, I must approve of the photo supplied before I will accept the commission. 

Full Body


Full body images are not uncommon. The cost of the commission increases with the size of the canvas.  

New Option


I am now adding a less expensive impressionist style pet portrait at $150 to my gallery. In addition, this style oil painting can be obtained in less time than the traditional portraits I do on commission.

Whispers from the heart of an animal lover

An existing publication and more to come . . .

It has long been my desire to be an author as well as a oil painter. I began that journey a few years ago when I published a small book of poems to accompany a reprint gallery of some of my favorite pet  portraits . Entitled "Whispers from the Heart of Animal Lover, " it can be purchased on the Amazon website.  The poetry runs from whimsical to serious as it looks at animal rescue from the perspective of an overzealous fanatic.  What's my favorite poem? So glad you asked. It is titled, "Love is Blind" about Maggie, a one-eyed, three-legged cat who has probably used up more than her share of 9 lives. Let me know what your favorite is. I'll be happy to respond.

I currently have a children's book in the makings. Entitled "A Light in the Night," it tells the story of a child and parent who while exploring their garden  see a mysterious light in the distance. Using their imagination and deductive thinking, the pair make laughable guesses as to what the light might be. The ending remains a surprise but one that will make you smile.  Here's a sample: 

     My mom and I  we often walk, sharing dreams and silly talk, 

     When all at once, we saw a light shining in our garden bright.

     What is it we both exclaimed shimmering bright with a name

     Could be anything Mommy said over by our garden shed.

     Maybe it's a mouse by  candle light preparing to join a fight

     His battle cry, "Mice unite!" I'll call out, "Please be polite."

     Stay tuned for the finished work.

Copies of my book, Whispers from the Heart of an Animal Lover. Available on Amazon Books.

Copies of my book, Whispers from the Heart of an Animal Lover. Available on Amazon Books.

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